Plot with background in ggplot2: Visualising line-ups from Hurricane-festival 1997 – 2015

The Hurricane Festival is taking place again this june. It could be interesting to have a look on its development over the years. In this case, the amount of bands for each year.

First, i gathered some data from Wikipedia and put it in a csv-file. You can access the data here:Hurricane Festival Bands 1997-2015.

A simple barplot is the best way to plot this data. But to make it a little more appealing, i want to use a custom font and a wallpaper from the Hurricane Festival website. But before i start plotting, i need to get the data in shape.

With some Dplyr-magic we aggregate the count of bands per year:

I want to use the font „Open Sans“. You can download the font here Open Sans. Then you have to import it in R using the „extrafont“-package.

As the title of this blog-entry suggests, i also want to use jpg-background for my graph. I downloaded the wallpaper from the Hurricane Festival from here

Now we can plot the data:

Hurricane Bands from 1997-2015

With „alpha=0.85“ the bars become a little bit transparent, so you can see a bit more of the background-image.


By the way, this is what the plot would look like with ggplot2-defaults:

ggplot2 default
Not that bad, for just one line of code.

Anyway, here are some further graphics:
Here, i tried to give one point for each time a band has played at hurricane-festival. I tried to use an icon (png-file) of a hand instead of a point, but haven´t figured out how to do it.
Most frequent Bands

As a last plot, i did a wordcloud from all Bands that ever played at Hurricane.
Wordcloud Hurricane-Festival


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