Diverging stacked barchart for plotting likert Items

Questionnaires in the social sciences often include rating items to measure the variability of peoples´ attitudes towards something. Respondents are given a statement and have to report how much they agree or disagree on a 5- or 7-point-scale. A set of rating-items like these can be combined to a likert-scale. It´s also common to build an index-value for the respondents, if the items meet certain criteria of quality. There´s still some controversy, if it´s adequate to use ranked (ordinal) data like likert-items to calculate means. Most researchers think it´s approriate if the scale has at least 5 points and the variable can be considered as an ordinal measure of a continuous attitude.

Anyway. Visualization of the data ist always a good starting point. For this purpose, there are a lot of R-Packages like the HH-Package with its Likert-Function, or the likert-package from Jason Bryer and last, but not least: The sjp.likert-Function from Daniel Lüdecke, which would be my favourite.

All these packages produce sophisticated and very appealing plots. Under its hood, the HH-package uses lattice and the likert and sjPlot package are build on ggplot2. I tried HH-package, but as a ggplot2-user i realized, it would take me too long to figure out the little details. The other two packages could do what i want, but they both need raw-data (SPSS-like) and can´t work with already aggregated data. Both also have distinct kinds of dealing with the „neutral“-category of the items.
Long story short, i decided to use ggplot2 directly instead of using packages build on ggplot2 that have developed a lot of complexity on their own.

The Plot
This plot is a small example. If the code seems too messy to you, or you think the plot can be improved: i´m always interested in how to make things better, please leave a comment.
For example, one could criticize, that the x-axis isn´t meaningful, because of the neutral-category should not be splitted in negative/positive like this. So perhaps, the vertical line and the x-axis-labels should be removed. On the other hand, the HH-Plot likert-function does it the same way. It would be possible to add percentage-values inside the stacked bars, but i think that would be too much. I decided, to make a stacked-frequency table with the sjPlot-Package to complement my likert-plot.

climate change attitudes likert items

And this is the code, i´ve written:


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